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AFP DC is the leading organization for fundraisers in the nation’s capital. We are the largest U.S. chapter of AFP International and the only organization committed to equipping and empowering fundraisers in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

The mission of AFP DC is to advance philanthropy by enabling people and organizations to practice ethical and effective fundraising.

A world of generosity and social good where fundraisers are recognized and celebrated as valuable agents of change.


AFP DC 2021 Mentor Mentoring Program - Become a Mentor or Mentee!
AFP DC is looking for Mentors and Mentees. If you are interested in learning more about this great opportunity we want to hear from you! Please contact the Mentoring Program Leader, Jean Broaddus at [email protected]. Or complete the AFP DC mentoring program application linked below.  

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As the only organization in the Washington, DC metropolitan area committed to the professional development of all fundraisers, regardless of industry or sector, we foster a vibrant philanthropic community through the delivery of cutting-edge educational resources, peer-to-peer learning and engagement opportunities through volunteer opportunities!

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